:: About Us ::
SafeTband is a company located in Sandy, Utah.

We would like to introduce you to a safety product designed for
everyone!  This safety device attaches to many types of garments and
gear and contains important medical information of the individual.  This
information can be vital in case of an emergency (head injuries, lost
children, etc.).

Emergency personnel (EMT, Ski Patrol, etc.) will be able to notify families
and friends quickly in the event of an accident.

SafeTband is recommended for anyone that enjoys outdoor sports,
dangerous activities, and safe work environments.  (Ex. skiing,
motocross, downhill mountain biking, snowmobiling, hunting,
construction,jogging, etc.).

We hope you will find this safety product beneficial for you and your
loved ones!

contact us if you have any questions, or are interested in
purchasing these high quality safeTband straps.  You could save a life!

Thank you for your time!


Travis J. Mills
P.O. Box 901061 Sandy, Utah 84090-1061
:: Comments/Reviews ::

"Just wanted to say the safeTbands are awesome, great idea and hope to
see more of them in Australia!!!

Andrew - Australia

Mountain Bike Action Magazine

Motocross Action Magazine
September, 2008

Interbike Show Reviews:

safeTbands are Made in the USA